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Poll says Canadiens are Canada's team

Are the Maple Leafs Canada's team? Maybe not anymore.

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Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

According to a poll of 1,504 Canadians conducted by Forum Research Inc, the Montreal Canadiens have usurped the Toronto Maple Leafs as "Canada's team", with a shocking 23% of respondents saying they cheer for the Canadiens, and just 12% saying the Leafs, tied with the Canucks.

That's a pretty shocking thing to see, but considering the Canadiens are coming off of a run to the Eastern Conference finals, it makes sense that fandom would be at a high, whereas Toronto just finished a disastrous season amid big expectations.

There's also a pretty big problem with the poll, what exactly is a sample size of 1,504 people worth? If distributed evenly, that's only 150 people per province, and the population isn't evenly distributed between the provinces.

But on the other hand, anything that undermines the constant annoyance of the Leafs being Canada's team is likely a welcome thing for most fans.