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Burrows suspended three games for hit to the head of Alexei Emelin

The Canucks player will sit out a few games thanks to his head shot last night.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Spor

The department of player safety announced that Canucks forward Alexandre Burrows is suspended for three games following his late, high, and all around dirty hit on Alexei Emelin Thursday night.

Unfortunately, the suspension to Burrows, who has a history in the league thanks to his multiple fines, will not help the Habs. The hit somehow went unnoticed by all the officials on the ice, and the Canucks scored shortly thereafter.

The key reasons Burrows was suspended according to the DOPS:

- Very late (interference)

- A clear head shot, even if it hadn't been late.

-Burrows has been fined 4 times in his career

Alexei Emelin returned to the game later in the third period, which may have helped Burrows' case, although it's obvious that the DOPS gave very little lenience to the Canucks forward, which, frankly, is the way it should be.

Let's just hope the league continues to punish head shots, no matter how later or how high they are. Ideally the multiple officials on the ice should probably catch such a blatant head shot, and the league wouldn't have to play catch up, but such is life in the NHL.