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Alex Burrows lays a late, brutal head shot on Alexei Emelin

Burrows has always been a punk, and this is just the latest garbage play from him.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The Vancouver Canucks have opened the scoring due to a giveaway by Alexei Emelin, but it never should have counted due to the actions of noted cheap shot artist Alex Burrows.

The puck is absolutely nowhere near the play, Emelin is off balance and vulnerable, and Burrows makes no effort to not pick the head. It would have been a high hit at the best of times, but that is just straight up gross.

Burrows has a history of dirtbag moves, so in all likelihood it will result in a suspension of some sort, although the movement of Emelin's head prior to contact could give the new, lenient department of player safety an excuse to not suspend him, even though Burrows clearly adjusts the height of his check in order to ensure contact with the head.

Refs miss calls all the time, and the Canadiens have been getting all the calls so far in the game, but that one hurts.