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Alex Galchenyuk injury: Out 6 weeks with a broken hand

In brutal news to start the day, the Canadiens will be without Alex Galchenyuk for six weeks.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Well that's not good. Alex Galchenyuk has been the only good winger that Lars Eller has had since Brendan Gallagher was taken away from him and given to David Desharnais, and now he's gone for six weeks with a broken hand.

Oddly enough, Galchenyuk continued to play against Florida after breaking his hand, and was actually pretty effective.

The injury is actually coming at not so bad of a time, with the Olympic break upcoming, which means he'll miss fewer games than if he were injured any other time of the year.

With Georges Parros and Ryan White also injured, there will be a call up from the Hamilton Bulldogs, probably one of Christian Thomas or Louis Leblanc, with Rene Bourque likely to shift from the right wing to the left wing.