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P.J. Stock makes things up, gets mad when called on it

Hockey Night in Canada is never a place where you can expect hyper-intelligent hockey discussion, but P.J. Stock took it to a new low last weekend, and we got some funny results.

Richard Wolowicz

On Saturday afternoon P.J. Stock was on a panel with Elliotte Friedman, Kevin Weekes, and Glenn Healy. On the panel, after showing some footage of P.K. Subban entering the Bell Centre by himself, then wearing a hoodie and listening to music on earbud headphones, Stock asserted that Subban looked "uncomfortable" and went on to say it must be a tough situation for him because he knows everyone on the bench hates him.

The overreaction of Stock to body language that was essentially the same to how Subban has gotten ready for every home game for the last two years is very Fox News Channel of Stock, but considering his consistent ax to grind with the Habs and the fact that he's a terrible analyst, this isn't surprising.

What was surprising though, was that Dave Stubbs of the Montreal Gazette found Stock's comments irresponsible enough to have to refute in official capacity.

These days while mainstream media is constantly under attack, it takes a lot for friendly fire to occur. Even when Pat Hickey basically called Theo Fleury a rape enabler last year, there was a stunned silence from nearly every corner of the media. So you have to think that a guy who's actually in the Montreal Canadiens' locker room every day was seriously taken aback by a guy who's never there.

If it had ended there, with Stock going over the line to generate some controversy, that would be an interesting enough storyline, but it didn't end there. Unable to take criticism for his obviously, hilariously false statements, Stock fired back on twitter:

Questioning a guy's professionalism after acting unprofessional in trying to generate controversy? Check

"You've never played the game." The worst argument in the world. Check. Also should be noted that Stock is pretending his cup of coffee as a talentless pair of fists in the NHL nearly a decade ago is more relevant knowledge of P.K. Subban's situation than, you know, actually being in the room and talking to the players. Interesting.

The most pro-Bruins commentator on HNiC, which is a serious, serious feat, is insinuating that bias is colouring the opposing view of his own stupid comments. Whether Stubbs is biased in his reporting at this point doesn't even matter, because the source of the accusation is as biased as they come. When P.J. Stock can take off his Boston Bruins Depends, he can start talking about bias.

All in all, this is a seriously funny situation. Who knew it would be less than 10 games into the season when we had our first media flame war? My guess is that Stubbs doesn't bother responding to Stock's tweets in public, but man oh man, would it ever be funny if this degenerated further.