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Daniel Briere could be nearing a return to the Montreal Canadiens

Briere skated for the first time today, which means he may not be out for much longer.

Richard Wolowicz

According to J.F. Chaumont, Danny Briere said today that he no longer feels symptomatic of his concussion, which is likely why he took to the ice for the first time since he was subjected to a headshot by Eric Nystrom.

Briere had a disappointing start to the season, with just 3 points in 8 games, 2 of which were accrued on empty net goals. However Briere was used awkwardly by Michel Therrien, often with David Desharnais, who he doesn't fit with at all, and the lowest offensive zone start percentage on the team at 30%.

In spite of that though, Briere did put up a 52.8% Fenwick in those games, and showed good signs of still having some game left.

His return does complicate matters though, as the top-9 forward spots are extremely crowded now that Michael Bournival has proven himself, and Louis Leblanc has been knocking at the door. Desharnais looks like the player most likely to be on the outs, but with Alex Galchenyuk possibly shifting to center, who knows where Briere might end up? The right wing of Lars Eller might be where he starts.

Briere will still have to skate and take part in practices for at least a week (I'm guessing), and since he's suffered 3 concussions in 21 months, there's a good chance he has a setback, but his return should be a positive note when it happens.

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