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TSN loses NHL broadcast rights to CBC and Rogers Sportsnet

In an amazing bit of irony, TSN insider Bob McKenzie broke the news that TSN's NHL coverage is no more.


I never would have believed it if it hadn't come from the man himself, but TSN has lost the broadcast rights to NHL hockey for the next 12 years to a combination of Rogers Sportsnet and CBC/Hockey Night in Canada.

I'm not even sure how to process this news, because TSN is so intrinsically tied to the NHL for me, more so than Hockey Night in Canada.

Trade Deadline Day is TSN. Draft Day is TSN. Free Agent Frenzy is TSN.

TSN has done more to hype the NHL than any other network, and now it's gone.

The deal also effects French broadcast rights in Canada:

Fear not Habs fans, you'll still have access to 82 games:

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