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Travis Moen suffers a facial fracture

The Canadiens have confirmed that Moen didn't just suffer a cut when he was hit in the face with the puck on Saturday.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

When Travis Moen got hit in the face by a the puck on a clearing attempt on Saturday, it looked pretty bad. It was especially worrisome since he doesn't wear a visor, but luckily it missed his eye.

After the game Canadiens coach Michel Therrien said it was just a cut, but now he's confirmed that Moen suffered a minor facial fracture and will be out one week. Moen has suffered concussion issues in the past, but there's been no word that he has any symptoms.

The injury comes at a terrible time for both Moen and the Habs, as he's playing his best hockey in years, and the Habs ares struggling to accumulate wins.

Louis Leblanc will take his place in the lineup tonight against the Rangers, playing on a line with Rene Bourque and David Desharnais.

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