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Présentation de notre éditeur Français

We've been looking for a long time, and we're proud to announce that Eyes on the Prize will have a French editor.

It's been about 6 months that Eyes on the Prize has been planning to add French content to the site, but since I don't read French, we needed to find someone wiling to take on the editing work for the French language posts.

It's very important to us to produce the same quality content in French as we do in English, and to ensure this we have brought in Jean-Francois G. You may know him on the site and on twitter as HabraCHadabra.

Jean Francois is a Habs fan with a nice balance of the analytical and the humourous, and someone we're very excited to have aboard the team.

Jean-Francois will be managing the newly created En Français hub, and as of right now we're looking very seriously for some French language contributors.

French language content will be on the front page of Eyes on the Prize like all other content, but if you'd like to stick to the French, pop that hub into your bookmarks!

If you would like to join EOTP's French team, please write us some fanposts so Jean-Francois can read them and from there we will bring aboard some contributors.