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Bill Daly: "No Progress Was Made"

The NHL and NHLPA continue to be at an impasse.

Bruce Bennett - Getty Images

After a series of meetings on the weekend about non-core issues, the NHL and NHLPA sat down today to take a stab at hockey related revenues and the percentage each side should get.

Well any hope that we'd be getting closer to a deal by now can be squashed. Chris Botta from Sports Business Journal has more:

As has been the case throughout the battle, the PA is coming to meetings, but refusing to move from their opening position. Both sides continue to play the PR game for now and it seems that neither is that interested in getting a deal done.

There were suggestions that after the league lost the revenue boon of the preseason, and since the next thing to do is to begin canceling the actual games where players are making salaries, that the two sides would have some impetus to get a deal done, or at least feel some pressure. As it stands, we're clearly not at a breaking point yet.

Both sides seem content to hold out on their positions and lose money, while NHL workers are out of work, and fan frustrations continue to rise.