Kudos For Chris' Habs Goaltenting Controversy Study


Since we published the "Price / Halak - October 2009" piece on Monday, Chris' in depth study on the Canadiens goaltending perceptions and misconceptions has garnered an unforeseen reaction across the web and various media. It has produced quite an astounding amount of ripples and the attention given the work is fully deserved in my opinion.

In a simple stats point of view, Chris's work was read in astonishing numbers for this site, reeling in close to 20,000 readers over three days. The article was retweeted on Twitter 44 times and received 131 Facebook shares. At peak times on Monday, the article was being viewed over 600 times per hours. Needless to say, it was far and away the best day this site has enjoyed.

Here's a list of which sites picked up on the article since Monday.

Thanks to everyone who read, commented and passed the word along

Of course, the first linkup came via Dave Stubbs at Habs Inside out, who helped give the piece a major shout out. With lots of interest and positive comments following, many writers and sites picked up on this and ran with it, merging their opinions with those of Chris.

The real statistical deal on Price, Halak - HIO

"Good Goalie, Bad Goalie" , from a Finnish (Thanks Slovak Hab) site that I am unable to translate.

"Who is the Habs No. 1?" from Ryan Dixon of The Hockey News online, who based an article on Chris' thoughts.

Defensive poreuse - Marc - Antoine Godin from La Presse, after some discussion about Halak's agent, noted Chris's work in explaining the Habs pourous defense.

Sean Gordon's French Immersion, a Globe and Mail online site, looked at the Canadiens goalie situation in "Arguing about the choice of wallpaper as the house burns down" and after considering Chris' work offered this irresistable quote:

Thankfully the cool-headed number-crunchers over at Habs Eyes on the Prize have broken it all down with an unbelievably exhaustive analysis – it has tables and mathematical data and everything, which to us is like shiny to a Magpie.

La Presse's Francois Gagnon was on the subject of the goalie controversy early Monday morning. While he did not touch on Chris's work per se, a commenter was quick to add the link.

Justin at the Goalie Guild was also impressed by Chris' work and built a piece around it.

Profonde analyse Price vs Halak at Patrick Caisse's at the "Mangeux de puck" site.

Keeperpool, which must be a poolies site, had this this to say:

This is amazing, not only for the detail involved in the analysis, but for what it says about Habs fans. They are easily the most obsessive in the league. Leafs fans might blab on all day about who the starting goalie should be, but I've ever met one who would go to this length to analyze the question.

Monday evening, Chris was asked to be on Team 990 Sports as a call in guest. You can hear his interview at this link: chrisboyle

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