John Scott is heading home, may be calling it a career

It seems that John Scott may have played his final game in the National Hockey League.

It has been a rollercoaster year for John Scott. Voted into the All-Star game, he went through a saga that saw him traded to the Montreal Canadiens, amid the insane story of the NHL trying to keep him out of the festivities. He handled it with nothing but class, and now the Habs have given him the option to go home for the year, which he will do.

And there has been talk that he may want to retire after everything he went through this season. I'd doubt that anyone would blame him for making that decision, as you have to remember his wife was pregnant when he got moved to Montreal, so it was a very tumultuous year. It seems that may now officially be the case.

Kudos to the Canadiens for allowing him the opportunity to get at least one more game in the NHL before his potential retirement. A classy move to do for a guy who really got the short end of the stick this year. I for one hope that they did let him keep that jersey.

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