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It’s crunch time, get out your superstitions

We’ve already talked a little bit about superstitions this year, as there’s still a contest open for former site manager Robert Lefebvre’s book. However with Montreal Canadiens now facing elimination tonight, it’s time to put those superstitions to the test.

I’m not a superstitious person. I know that what I do doesn’t have an effect on the games. I don’t believe in jinxes, not even the “shutout” jinx. Yet when games are on the line in the playoffs, there’s still something in the back of my mind saying “don’t wear that shirt, they lost when you wore that shirt”.

The last time that happened was 2010. At the time I had 3 different Habs t-shirts that I would alternate wearing on game days. The Canadiens won when I wore the one I liked least in Game 1 against Washington, and lost the next three when I didn’t wear it. Needless to say I wore that shirt the rest of the series, even though I don’t believe in it.

Superstitions are an odd thing. They’re subject largely to confirmation bias, as you usually forget the times they don’t work. I have to wonder though, if they are something that helps fans feel like they’re a factor in an uncontrollable result. A comfort level kind of thing, that even when it doesn’t work, you can find a way to brush off that time and continue to think that some stupid thing you do before the game can make a player score or not take penalties.

No matter what the reality is surrounding superstitions, you’d better get yours straight tonight. No excuses, right?

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