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Interviews with hockey personalities

Adam Engström is rising to the occasion, over and over again

Engström sits down with EOTP to discuss his progress and how there’s no such thing as too much practice.

A conversation with Frederik Dichow on his stop-start season

The goaltender discusses what it’s been like serving as a backup, getting some time with the national team, and meeting Henrik Lundqvist.

The Dispatch: Catching up with Frederik Dichow

We speak with the goaltender and some experts about what he’s been learning from his time in the SHL.

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How Ängelholm can help Adam Engström take flight this year

A virtual unknown on draft day, Adam Engström hopes that a good season with Rögle BK can vault him into more conversations.

The Dispatch: Dichow speaks about his expectations for 2022-23

The new Frölunda project is about to begin his SHL campaign.

Habsent Minded 5.13: What to expect from Frederik Dichow’s season

We speak with Dichow’s head coach, goaltending coach, and tandem mate to get the full picture of what awaits in Frölunda.

Jan Myšák discusses his summer preparation and new Slovak teammates

"I am still looking for answers to all of my questions," says Mysak as he begins preparing for Montreal Canadiens training camp.

‘It’s a dream come true’: Brennan Saulnier and Anthony Richard react to joining the Canadiens organization

Laval’s playoff run made an impact on both players and their decision.

‘I’ll be back’: Norlinder discusses his time in Montreal, and his future

The defenceman is back in Sweden with a championship in his sights.

One-on-one with Oliver Kapanen at the 4-Nations tournament

Kapanen has his focus set on the upcoming World Junior Championship.

Kristoffer Näslund discusses Norlinder’s development

One of Montreal’s top prospects is heading to Montreal after a year of development with Frölunda.

The Dispatch: All eyes on Canadiens prospect Mattias Norlinder

We speak with former Montreal Canadien Christian Folin, Frölunda’s coach Roger Rönnberg and in the end we get to listen to Mattias Norlinder himself.

Canadiens’ participation in search for Lions head coach was a “positive process”

Marc-André Bergeron gives an update on how the new ECHL team is coming together.

‘Overall I have become a better player’: Mattias Norlinder reflects on his season

A one-on-one with the Canadiens prospect.

Lessons on improving the special teams in-season

Two of the top SHL coaches weigh in on how they’re shoring up the penalty kill and power play ahead of the playoffs.

Whatever it takes: How Jake Evans went from 207th overall to the NHL

The seventh-round pick transformed his game to become a key member of the Montreal Canadiens.

An exclusive interview with Jan Myšák from the WJC bubble

Myšák talks about his defensive improvements and having two Habs legends to learn from as he develops.

Ten Months to puck drop for Trois-Rivières’ ECHL team

Future franchise has launched a team-naming contest as the ball gets rolling.

“He makes it look so easy”: Norlinder developing into proper two-way defenceman

We speak with Roger Rönnberg and Kristofer Näslund of the Frölunda coaching staff about the rising star in Montreal’s prospect pool.

What the 2020-21 SHL season could hold for Norlinder and Caufield

Patrik Bexell talks about what the Canadiens prospects could face in their first SHL season and what we should expect from a development perspective.

“I don’t know [what will happen] yet”: Jesse Ylönen talks about his uncertain future next season

With an uncertain season to come, the Canadiens prospect is keeping an eye on the team.

Mattias Norlinder: “You always want to be the top defender and play in every situation”

The new top European prospect discusses his goals for his first season in Frölunda.

Why don’t we ask more white players about racism in hockey?

As racism continues to be a problem in pro hockey, Black/PoC players shouldn’t be the only ones asked tough questions.

“There was motivation like you’ve never seen before”: Brian Skrudland relives the Habs’ AHL team’s move from Halifax to Sherbrooke

Skrudland looks back at the farm team’s rise from the basement to a Calder Cup championship in the 1984-85 AHL season.

Mattias Norlinder is looking to keep last year’s momentum rolling

The defenceman is optimistic about his new challenge as he heads to the SHL.

David Ling trades skates for suits

The former Montreal Canadiens and Columbus Blue Jackets player has moved on to a second career.

Jesse Ylönen: ‘There were teams asking me to stay for the playoffs in Liiga, but I wanted to go to Laval’

Jesse Ylönen speaks about the decision to come to Laval, and the biggest summer of his career.

Laval Rocket players react to growing concerns over coronavirus

Rocket win 3-0 over Senators, but coronavirus looms large over the rest of their season.

Cayden Primeau is at the centre of Joël Bouchard’s youth movement in Laval

The rookie netminder has earned the favour of his coach, and is the key piece for the Rocket’s playoff push.

The Dispatch: An exclusive interview with Alexander Romanov, plus insight from his coach & teammates

We hear from CSKA goalkeeper Lars Johansson, defender Klas Dahlbeck, Russian National team coach Alexei Kudashov before we hear Alexander Romanov after his senior team debut.

Jake Evans did the little things in his National Hockey League debut

The forward registered a pair of shots, hits, and shot blocks in overtime win over Ducks.

ECHL in Trois-Rivières: “We wouldn’t go into that market without the Canadiens”

The second part of our interview with Dean MacDonald.