In case you forgot why you hate the Boston Bruins

Previewing tonight's match where the Bruins could take a choke hold on the Stanley Cup finals, let's all take a moment to remember why they're so despicable.

The one good thing you can say about the Boston Bruins is that they're a great villain. They never stop giving you reasons to despise them to their very core.

Chief among those reasons is the intrinsic hypocrisy of the dirtiest, diviest, whiniest organization in pro sports.

The audacity of a supposed leader deliberately trying to injure a player with a sucker punch on video, then denying it ever happened.

The fact that their owner nearly caused us to lose the season, then their despicable team ended up in the finals, guaranteeing he makes back the money he lost.

If you believe in karma, maybe you should stop.

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