Hockey Day in Canada Open Thread

Every Canadian team is playing today as it's Hockey Day in Canada. Unfortunately the Oilers kind of get ignored today, the only Canadian team without a Canadian opponent.

It's a day that a lot of Canadians look forward to in every NHL season, as CBC hosts Hockey Day in Canada.

This year the Oilers are left on the sidelines, the only team that isn't playing another Canadian team, but their game against the Red Wings is broadcast on HNiC all the same at 2:00PM EST.

The marquee matchup at 2 though, is the Jets and the Senators facing off in Ottawa. The Senators have been an extremely strong team out of the gates this year, in spite of a devastating injury to Jason Spezza that caused him to undergo back surgery. The Jets have had an okay start from a possession standpoint but are below .500 after 10 games.

The big game of the day of course, is set for Canada's two biggest teams. The Maple Leafs and the Canadiens will face off at 7:00 PM EST tonight, but that game will have it's own game threads.

After that game, we can revert back to this one for the final matchup of the night, as the surprisingly not terrible Flames take on the surprisingly overly reliant on goaltending Canucks. The Canucks were dealt a brutal blow with Ryan Kesler out to start the year, but they've still managed to look good in a weak division.

Hockey from 2PM to midnight? Hell yes.

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