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Quiz: The Montreal Canadiens’ top feats of futility

Not to focus on the negative, but let’s do it anyway, just for fun.

Montreal Canadiens v New Jersey Devils Photo by Andy Marlin/Getty Images

I’ve been accused, on occasion, of being on the Habs’ payroll. Or worse — because it doesn’t directly lead to income — a fanboy who only sees everything being rosy. In order to counter this onslaught of inaccurate marginalization, I present to you the next edition of the Habs Quiz: FEATS OF FUTILITY!

You will actually get more bang for your buck in this week’s edition as I have devised numerous quizzes that cast a spotlight of shame on certain player personnel of the past. In order to run the quiz, simply hit the ‘START’ button and begin guessing names.

The first quiz asks you to identify the Montreal Canadiens forwards who have put up the fewest points in a season since 2005-06, with the qualifier that they played at least 41 games (half a season) on the team. No, Scott Gomez is not one of the answers.

Next up, we explore everyone’s favourite stat to argue about, plus/minus, or as it is more elegantly called in small circles, “efficiency rating.” We are looking for the defencemen with the worst results in this category since 2005-06. There is no minimum amount of games that has to be played in order to qualify for this ranking. Leave P.K. Subban alone, he’s not in here.

And finally, in what is probably the most impossible quiz to pass, can you name all the skaters (i.e. not goalies) who played just one game for the Canadiens in a single season since 2005-06? And no, despite his many injuries, Shea Weber has always played at least two games in every season.