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Montreal Canadiens Legends Challenge: Out of Lach

Elmer Lach’s departure has whittled the field down to the top 10 Canadiens legends of all-time.

Golden Age Of Ice Hockey Photo by Bruce Bennett Studios via Getty Images Studios/Getty Images

Day eight of the Montreal Canadiens Legends Challenge was rife with controversy as a result of some dubious ethical standards, and abuse of an open-ended honour system when it came to voting. Very apparently someone decided to go on a crusade against Henri Richard, and stuffed the ballot box to ensure that he would be the next name presented. After some deliberation, it was decided to eliminate the suspicious votes, and a true winner emerged, with Elmer Lach winning, and, as a result, losing.

Some comments:

  • A two-time scoring champ and the straw that stirred the “Punch Line” drink. We’re getting into the really tough calls now, but I believe Lach is next.
  • As we ease out the demi gods we will soon be left with the iconic gods. For this and his first name, “Elmer” it is time to say goodbye.

Here is the summary of the first seven days:

Voting for day nine is now open, with additional security to avoid ballot box stuffing. If you are uncertain who is left in the field, refer to the primer in the first article of this series. Voting cutoff is 11:00 PM EST on Friday.