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Montreal Canadiens Legends Challenge: Bob Gainey is the next to go

Gainey’s lack of offensive imprint gets him voted out.

Quebec Nordiques v Montreal Canadiens Photo by Bruce Bennett Studios via Getty Images Studios/Getty Images

On day six, Bob Gainey picks up his sticks, as he has been voted out by a near majority of the 600 people who voted.

Some comments:

  • A great warrior and leader for many years, one of the best defensive forwards of all time. But more of a supporting cast member than a star.
  • Great Captain and defensive minded forward but won’t be top here....but he was great on the late 70’s cup runs.
  • It surprises me how much he is loved by the fans because I thought he’d have been picked earlier. I just don’t think he compares to the remaining field.
  • Great player but considered more of a defensive forward. To be the best thinking there needs to be more offensive splash.

What makes this contest challenging is that rarely are you comparing apples to apples, which is part of the complication, and hopefully part of the fun. To compare a goalie to an offensive defenceman to a defensive forward is beginning to make for tougher decisions. At this stage of the competition, we seem to be putting a certain amount of emphasis on flash and impact on the scoreboard.

Gainey, for his lack of scoring, was a fearsome defensive forward, tasked with stopping the other team’s best players on a regular basis. His contribution to the Stanley Cups is not reflected well on the scoresheet, but there was certainly a reason as to why he was selected to be captain of the team.

Here is the summary of the first five days:

We’re in seventh heaven now, as voting for day seven is now open. If you are uncertain who is left in the field, refer to the primer in the first article of this series. Voting cutoff is 11:00 PM EST on Wednesday.