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Montreal Canadiens Legends Challenge: Patrick Roy unsainted on day two

Patrick Roy is voted out in perhaps the first big surprise.

Montreal Canadiens Photo by Denis Brodeur/NHLI via Getty Images

Day two of the Montreal Canadiens Legends Challenge has yielded a potential first surprise, and that’s with the elimination of Patrick Roy, the last two-time Stanley Cup-winning goaltender of the team, by a rather large margin, garnering 31% of the total vote of around 550 ballots cast.

Some comments:

  • A Saint he Ain’t. Great player but a lot of his reputation came for another team. His save percentage isn’t overwhelming. He had a great defence in front of him both in Montreal and Colorado. He orchestrated his departure from Montreal.
  • The way he left....unfathomable that he becomes top of this list.
  • Given the way he left, he should not even have had his number retired let alone be on this list.
  • Tried yesterday, he made the cut.... apparently he should be next

Clearly people still remember the way he left over his accomplishments on the ice, including dragging his team to the 1993 Stanley Cup prior to starting his career in Colorado.

So, that makes two players eliminated thus far:

  • Day 1: Guy Lapointe (18.7% of the daily vote)
  • Day 2: Patrick Roy (31%)

Time to cast your vote. If you are uncertain who is left in the field, then refer to the primer in the first article of this series. On to Day 3!