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P.K. Subban rips an absolute laser past Andrew Hammond

Honestly not sure if it went past him or through him. What a BLAST.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

After a few days of controversy and complaints about P.K. Subban's slash on Mark Stone, the Habs' defenseman silenced the critics with an absolutely scorching blast in the second period of Game 2 on Friday night.

Subban's second period sizzler came via an indirect feed off the boards and left Andrew Hammond staring straight in the face of an absolute rocket. The goal gave the Canadiens a 2-1 lead heading into the game's final twenty minutes.

As you can imagine, this left P.K. - who only got to play half of Wednesday's Game 1 before being ejected - very, very pumped.

Markov just wanted to show his appreciation by laying a big fat smooch on his teammate.