Highlights from Marc Bergevin & Claude Julien’s end of year press conference

Montreal’s general manager and coach met the media to close out the year.

Predictably, the general manager was not happy with Montreal’s quick exit from the playoffs.

Although Bergevin noted that he’s not disappointed with the level effort given by his team, and that it’s not time to make any reactionary decisions.

Despite having 60 point pro-rated season, Bergevin was disappointed with Galchenyuk’s year, and went on to say his short term future is on the wing. Claude Julien however said ideally Galchenyuk would be a centre.

They went on discuss Carey Price’s contract situation, albeit briefly.

Julien was quick to compliment his captain.

Bergevin will be watching the IceCaps during their playoff run, and hopefully realize Charles Hudon should have been given a legitimately opportunity a long time ago.

Bergevin wants Beaulieu to take responsibility of development.

When it comes to Julien’s assistant coaches, their future remains a mystery.

(We believe Lehkonen can be a top 6 very soon)

In the end Bergevin did not take any responsibility for the quick playoff exit, and placed the onus on his players for their lack of development and success. It wasn’t a particularly inspiring press conference to say the least. Trades are hard, signing players is a complicated process, playoff success is never guaranteed, etc.

Unfortunately, platitudes and empty rhetoric have become a common theme in Montreal over the last few years.

(You can watch the entire 45 minute press conference by clicking here)

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