Hart rocks it and Darche, Gionta, Price make the Monday Habs links

I'll say this, the Lauren Hart/Kate Smith combo of "God Bless America" has always impressed me, but tonight's rendition, now that OSB has been left for chum, was incredible.

Ms. Hart had a very busy day of pre-game interviews and the emotional day certainly showed. Had the Montreal Canadiens met the Philadelphia Flyers in the playoffs, we had an interview set to go. We'll catch up with her next season.

In the meantime, here's the latest Habs news

Mathieu Darche is hoping to stay in Montreal, via The Montreal Gazette

Dennis Kane on the pre-NHLPA days

Fred Poulin with the worst bang-for-the buck forwards this season. No. 1 is no surprise

Habs captain Brian Gionta has joined Twitter

Eric Engles looks at the work needed up front

Earlier today. Mike Cammalleri tweeted the new BioSteel promo for teammate Carey Price. All Habs takes a look at the Canadiens goaltender's season.

According to Ted Bird, when it comes to the Habs, it's all about da money!

The Checking Line with who they think should stay, and who should go.

44 years ago today.....The Toronto Maple Leafs defeated the Montreal Canadiens to win the Stanley Cup. Happy Birthday.

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