Happy Holidays from Eyes on the Prize

A special message from EOTP for the holidays.

Hi everyone,

The holidays and a series of other events have me in a good mood. I write this around 10PM EST on Christmas Eve, during the beginning of the 4th month of the NHL lockout, and somehow Eyes on the Prize is on pace for one of the best months we've ever had. That this has happened before the real start of the World Junior Hockey Championships is even crazier.

This coincides with my first month as Managing Editor, but it's been groundwork laid by all the contributors and editors of this site in the last couple years.

We're not yet one of the giants of the SB Nation - NHL division, but I think we can get there. After expanding the site to cover the Hamilton Bulldogs and include a heavier focus on other prospects, in the coming year I'm looking at reaching out further to bring French language content to the site. As many of you know, Olivier Bouchard is already a contributor, but he has his own blog, which means he can't be the only one. Ideally I would like to add two more contributors in French at the least. Please contact me if you're interested.

But aside from updates about the site, what I really want to do today is thank you. Thank you for reading this website over the last 3+ months of the lockout, and not having us writers feel like we're writing for no reason. Thank you for your comments and your sharing of articles, thank you for pointing out mistakes especially!

Quite honestly, it's a blast to write for you folks, and we feel like we're in the midst of creating a wonderful community of not just Canadiens fans, but fans of other teams who drop in and to engage in discussion, debate, maybe a little trolling as well. We appreciate you all.

Thank you all for making my first month running this site a great one, and I hope only to move upward from this point on.

It's tough to be optimistic about a forthcoming season when everything seems to point to the NHL and NHLPA going nuclear, but I think we'll have a season. And when that season starts, you'll get to see the full brunt of the SB Nation United format. We're extremely excited to be able to show you that.

In the meantime though, prepare to wake up absurdly early or stay up absurdly late to watch the World Junior Hockey Championships. I'll be awake to run the game threads, so I expect you all to wake up with me.

Thanks again from all of us at Eyes on the Prize,

-Andrew Berkshire

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