Happy Holidays from EOTP

Well there's not much to be cheerful for as a fan of the Montreal Canadiens as of late. Over the next few days the Habs hopefully getsome time to take their mind off things and comeback refreshed on Monday.

Then Canadiens are scheduled for a Boxing Day practice, leading up to Tuesday's visit ot the Ottawa Senators.

In the meantime the crew at EOTP would like to wish you all a Happy Holiday season, in whichever way you celebrate it.

Like the team, it's THE time of the year to take into account the things that really are important, friends and family.

Much like the players who travel away from home, over he course of an 82 game season, one personally finds the time to write and read up on the Bleu, Blanc et Rouge can take away from good quality family time. I'm sure I'm not the only one out there who agrees on that. So in the meantime, I plan to use these next full days to the fullest extent, and I hope you do to.

At the same time we also wish you safe travels over the next few days, be it driving to see realtives or being crammed on a flight across Canada like a sardine. Someone one the crew here can already relate to that, right Andrew?

Peace and well wishes everybody, and we'll catch up with you again next week, to see what Habs swag we got this year.

All the best,

Kevin, Andrew, Stephan, Bruce, Chris, Robert and Francis

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