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What does Eric Tangradi bring to the table?

Acquired from the Jets and bound for the AHL what can we realistically expect from Eric Tangradi?

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

Drafted just one pick ahead of P.K. Subban in the 2007 NHL draft, Eric Tangradi has found himself on the 4th line for most of his NHL career. That being said, in his recent seasons with the Winnipeg Jets Tangradi has managed to maintain a 51.0% Corsi, which means he wasn't hurting the Jets when he was playing. Our friends over at Arctic Ice Hockey wrote this article discussing his impact when he's on the ice.

It has already been stated that Tangradi will start the season in the AHL with the Hamilton Bulldogs adding yet another grinding veteran to a young lineup. Realistically he should play a decent amount under head coach Sylvain Lefebvre and should take some pressure off the young forward core. There is no doubt that Tangradi will take on penalty killing duties as well. While not an offensive dynamo, he should chip in around 15 goals which would he a boost to a team that was rather anemic offensively last season. He could also see time on the Habs 4th line should injuries take their toll on the NHL lineup and as the Arctic Ice Hockey article shows us, he's not a bad player to have in that role.

He's never going to post high scoring numbers but Tangradi can play a defensively responsible game and take on the sacrificial zone starts that accompany 4th line duty. He isn't afraid to put his body on the line and at 25 years of age he's still a young player meaning he can force out a Travis Moen in the Habs lineup if Moen isn't traded or waived anytime soon.

Clearly Tangradi has no issue giving up the body and both Sylvain Lefebvre and Michel Therrien appreciate players like that so Tangradi may quickly become a favorite in the Canadiens system.