#HabsTwitterDraft: The Big Board

It's finally time and the first #HabsTwitterDraft is here. It will begin at 5 pm eastern. Make sure to follow along on twitter AND here at the site as we'll be updating all the picks as they happen.

Welcome to the inaugural Habs Twitter Draft.

-The decision makers.

- Pre-draft rankings

Round Team Parnass Team Berkshire
1 George Parros Jay Baruchel
2 Jay Baruchel (*) Marc-Antoine Godin
3 Arpon Basu Patrick Holland
4 Derek Wills Conor McKenna
5 John Lu Renaud Lavoie
6 Eric Engels Dr Doug
7 Will Brian Wilde
8 Mathieu Roy Alex Galchenyuk
9 Chantal Theory Of Ice
10 Brandon Prust James Stephan
11 Dave Stubbs Elias Toufexis
12 J-F Chaumont P.K. Subban
13 Dan Kramer Jeff Veillette
14 Hal Gill Andrew Saunders
15 Michael McCarron Magnus Nygren
16 Guillaume Lefrancois lawyergirl
17 Annakin Slayd Brian Bird
18 Ian Hermelin Johnathan Leger
*19 Habarnac Breannad
*20 Jeremy Lang Winter Lions

*The final two picks for each team will be accounts who use the #HabsTwitterDraft and give us the best reasons they should be drafted. Let's get this trending!

Feel free to comment your thoughts on the draft below or use the hashtag #HabsTwitterDraft. We'll be compiling some of the best comments and tweets in an after-post. Who has the best team so far? What picks have you disagreed with? And remember, your votes will decide who wins the draft once it's completed.

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