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Habsent Minded 5.13: What to expect from Frederik Dichow’s season

We speak with Dichow’s head coach, goaltending coach, and tandem mate to get the full picture of what awaits in Frölunda.

NHL: JUL 12 Montreal Canadiens Development Camp Photo by David Kirouac/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Frederik Dichow had an outstanding season in Kristianstad, and he moved on into a backup role in Frölunda behind one of if not the best goalies in Europe, Lars Johansson. The question many fans of the Montreal Canadiens ask themselves is: Why?

In this podcast, we try to understand the way forward for Dichow. We speak with goaltending coach Kristoffer Martin, who has his ideas on how to improve Dichow’s game. In order to understand his quotes, and get a better understanding of goaltender development in general, Eyes On The Prize’s own goaltending expert, Dylan Waugh joins to translate the goalie jargon.

Johansson adds another dimension to the podcast in his interview, where he speaks about competing with the Danish goalie, and the impact an older goalie can have on a younger prospect.

Finally we get a few minutes with Frölunda’s coach, Roger Rönnberg, who adds to the whole picture of a goalie under development. Once more, Dylan adds his insights and tells us what he thinks we should look for this season, and what we can expect from a goalie perspective in order to be able to analyze Dichow’s season that is just about to start.