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Habsent Minded 4.52: European prospect season grades


This episode will focus on the season grades for the six Montreal Canadiens prospects who played in Europe. Patrik Bexell speaks with Anton Rasegård about the grades. The players in question are:

  • Alexander Gordin, and Dmitri Kostenko in Russia
  • Oliver Kapanen from Finland
  • Jacob Olofsson and Mattias Norlinder who played in Sweden, and
  • Frederik Dichow from Denmark, but who plays in Sweden

We look back at a season with a lot of different trends, and expectations. Some surprisingly good and a few that disappointed everyone.

With regard for the segment on Oliver Kapanen, this is the chart that was referenced by the hosts. What is important though is the number of games he played as well as the role within the team. His performance in the U20 Liiga playoffs was impressive, even though more was expected from him at the senior level.

We look forward to read your grades on these prospects in the comments.