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Habsent Minded 4.43: The Development of Frederik Dichow, with Max Strömberg

A closer look at one of the fastest-rising prospects in the Canadiens organization.

Patrik Bexell

Max Strömberg is the Kristianstad expert on Svenska Fans, one of the biggest hockey sites in Sweden. He runs his own independent website focusing on the Kristianstad team, and he is a great source for hockey knowledge on both Europe and the NHL, with a particular interest for the Nashville Predators.

With this in mind we invited Max to get a better understanding of Montreal Canadiens prospect Frederik Dichow’s season, his chances in the Olympics and what his expected move to Frölunda would mean for his development.

Strömberg is well connected and reveals some of the conversations he has had with one of the Danish National team coaches before they left for Beijing. Max is honest, and voices his opinions clearly, even if he goes against the popular opinion.

It is especially evident in the segment when we discuss the expected move to Frölunda, where we also discuss the track record for Frölunda to develop young goalies.

He is a good friend of Eyes on the Prize and you can find him on @Max__xths on Twitter.