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Habsent Minded 4.41: The GM candidates

As the search ramps up, we discuss the potential hires.

Montreal Canadiens Press Conference With Jeff Gorton Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

The Montreal Canadiens and Executive Vice President of Hockey Operations Jeff Gorton are ramping up their search for Marc Bergevin’s replacement as general manager of the team, and we have an idea of the candidates vying for the role.

Jared Book and Matt Drake get together to discuss each candidate and what they can bring to the table, and who they feel would be the best, worst, and most boring choice among the reported candidates.

They discuss, in order, Patrick Roy, Mathieu Darche, Daniel Brière, Roberto Luongo, Marc Denis, Stéphane Quintal, Émilie Castonguay, and Danièle Sauvageau.

Who are the long shots? Who would bring the most to the organization? There are a lot of intriguing candidates, and a lot of different directions for the team to go in.

With the news that the general manager could come as quickly as 10 days from now, we are sure to hear a lot more about these people in the coming days.

You can listen to the podcast below or in your podcast platform of choice.