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Habsent Minded Episode 3.70: On to Game 7

How we got here, and what’s at stake on Monday.

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Toronto Maple Leafs at Montreal Canadiens Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Hearing 2,500 spectators join forces in “Oh Canada” was a truly magical feeling and hearing them chant “Carey, Carey!” for the first time in more than a year brought warmth to Canadiens fans all over the world.

Jared Book and Anton Rasegård join Patrik Bexell to discuss both the Montreal Canadiens’ improbable comeback to tie the series at three games apiece, but also look ahead to the looming Game 7 on Monday night.

Carey Price has demonstrated just how spectacular he can still be when it all comes down to the wire, the youngsters have filled into similar roles as they took on during last year’s playoff stint and the Toronto Maple Leafs must feel like it’s Groundhog Day... again.

There have been several signature moments in the series, and how we remember will depend on the result of the series.

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