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Habsent Minded North Division Playoff Preview: Toronto Maple Leafs with Sean McIndoe

Our podcast preview series finishes with Montreal’s first-round opponent.

Photo by Frank Lennon/Toronto Star via Getty Images

In the final preview of the North Division playoffs, Jared Book is joined by Sean McIndoe, aka Down Goes Brown, of The Athletic and Puck Soup Podcast.

They start the podcast off by discussing Sean’s Team Chaos preview which has a path of success for the Montreal Canadiens.

Their attention then turns to the upcoming series, which is a long-time coming. What scenario would be considered a success for the Toronto Maple Leafs after several years of post-season setbacks? Why are Maple Leafs fans so on edge? Sean helps us get inside the head of Leafs fans.

Is social media ready for how this series will go? Will it ever be the same? How will the pent-up emotions on both sides react on Thursday night and beyond? Will Brendan Gallagher and Zach Hyman become instant thorns in the side?

Finally, is it actually possible that the series is being undersold? Despite all the build up, could the series actually end up causing more drama than anyone could immediately expect?

Tune in and listen to all four previews of the teams in the North Division with your podcast provider of choice.