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Habsent Minded Episode 3.53: “Montreal isn’t built for three-on-three”

The Canadiens close the books on their nine-game season series against the Vancouver Canucks.

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Montreal Canadiens Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Patrik Bexell is back in action and he brings his Swedish compadre Anton Rasegård with him in a podcast which tackles two subjects: the ending of the series against the Vancouver Canucks, and whether we should be concerned about Jordan Harris’s decision to return to college for his senior year.

The Montreal Canadiens have played against Vancouver for the last time during this regular season. During the series, the Habs managed to collect 15 out of a possible 18 points and managed to end it in style by slaying a couple of season-long poltergeists.

The final game should never have been as close an affair as it ended up being, but when the puck dropped for overtime, it quickly became clear that both teams were more afraid of conceding a goal than they were interested in scoring one. It did spark a conversation though: Is the Montreal Canadiens’ roster simply not built for playing offensive three-on-three hockey?

Jordan Harris will surprisingly stay in the college ranks for his last year of eligibility. Is this a wise decision by the young defenceman, or would he have been better off going pro? Is there reason for Habs fans to be concerned about whether Harris will even sign in Montreal after his senior year is finished?