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Habsent Minded 3.46: The KHL pipeline, with Gillian Kemmerer

Investigating the development structure in Russia’s hockey system.

Kontinental Hockey League: SKA St Petersburg vs Spartak Moscow Photo by Peter Kovalev\TASS via Getty Images

The Tsarina of Russian hockey, Gillian Kemmerer, joins the podcast for another episode where the focus is to learn about the setup of the KHL teams’ development system. Miss Kemmerer has a lot of knowledge in regard to the SKA Saint Petersburg system after a fantastically researched article on her own website The Caviar Diplomat. As Montreal Canadiens prospect Alexander Gordin plays in the system, it is important for Montreal fans to understand the development structure in the KHL.

Miss Kemmerer also has some inside knowledge on what SKA thinks about Gordin, whom I have labeled a defensive liability, and a skating catastrophe.

At the end of the podcast we also discuss hockey in the Himalayas, as the Ladahk women’s team’s Dorjay Dolma won the best goalie award in the 1st Lieutenant Governor’s Cup. Can Lake Tahoe really hold a candle to playing hockey on the roof of the world?