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Habsent Minded Episode 4.31: North American prospect review

A look at the Canadiens prospects in the NCAA.

Friars vs Huskies Staff Photo By Stuart Cahill/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald via Getty Images

New Eyes on the Prize contributor Hadi Kalakeche joins Patrik Bexell to speak about the Montreal Canadiens’ NCAA prospects in an extension of the Catching the Torch series. The discussion focuses on Sean Farrell and his start of the season, but continues to include Jack Gorniak, Brett Stapley and Luke Tuch.

On the defensive side, Hadi tells us about Jordan Harris and Jayden Struble, the Northeastern duo and the reasons to be positive about their development and their chances to sign with the Montreal Canadiens down the line. This discussion also draws in Alexander Romanov’s development with Montreal Canadiens and if that should or could have been handled differently.

Jakub Dobeš gets the final nod of the North American prospects, along with a mention of Frederik Dichow, before the two prospect writers continue to look towards the 2022 NHL Draft, and some of the prospects that could be available for selection in the first round when Montreal gets the opportunity to step up on the podium in the Bell Centre in July.

Patrik mentions an old interview with Rögle’s coach Cam Abbott in the podcast, if you fancy listening to that interview it is attached below: