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Habsent Minded Episode 3.36: “You need to have patience with Norlinder”

One of Sweden’s leading hockey reporters join Habsent Minded’s two Swedes for a chat.

NHL: Outside the Centre Bell in downtown Montreal, QC. Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

In the first episode since the start of the new NHL season, Patrik Bexell and his very own Sancho Panza, Anton Rasegård, are joined by one of the most prominent voices of the Swedish hockey community.

Uffe Bodin is the editor-in-chief of popular Swedish site, which reports daily about the latest news in both the Swedish and North American leagues.

During 48 minutes, he gave us his views on who will compete for the title in the North Division, what he thinks of Marc Bergevin’s moves this off-season and what he sees in the near future for the Canadiens’ two Swedish prospects Jacob Olofsson and Mattias Norlinder.

Uffe also surprised us by having a personal relationship to Montreal as a city, still referring to it as “his second home” after living there for a period in his early 20s.

A must-follow on Twitter for everyone who wants to broaden their current hockey knowledge, Bodin also provided us with insights on who he sees as the top Swedish prospects in this year’s draft as well as answering the everlasting question why there are so few Montreal fans in Sweden.

We sincerely thank Uffe Bodin for joining Habsent Minded and for letting us dive into the goldmine that is his hockey expertise.