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Habsent Minded Episode 2.63: What will Jake Allen and Joel Edmundson bring to the Canadiens?

While the rest of us are getting ready for the football season, Marc Bergevin is busy making roster moves.

St Louis Blues v Boston Bruins Photo by Brian Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images

A quarantined Anton Rasegård joins Patrik Bexell to dive deeper into the Montreal Canadiens latest trade news. On the surface it looks odd to trade a fifth-round pick for a stay-at-home defenceman on an expiring contract. Especially when his advanced metrics demonstrate him to be relatively limited even in that role. Is this trade part of a grander scheme or is it a mere insurance policy?

What happens if Joel Edmundson demands a high salary or a long-term deal? Will the front office sign him or let him walk out the door onto the open market? If so, how upset should we be about a lost fifth-round pick in the upcoming draft?

After having acquired Jake Allen from the St. Louis Blues last week, the Habs are suddenly set to spend around 20 per cent of their salary cap on goaltenders the upcoming season. Is that a sound strategy for the club to follow? With this move, Marc Bergevin has six goalies under team control. Will there be further movement on that front? Who will be the odd man out?

There is also enough time to go through some late news, both in the NHL and in the rest of the hockey world.