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Habsent Minded Episode 2.60: A game of inches

The goalposts were the stars of the game when Montreal lost Game 3.

Philadelphia Flyers v Montreal Canadiens - Game Three Photo by Chase Agnello-Dean/NHLI via Getty Images

Three games into the first round of the NHL playoffs, the Montreal Canadiens are one game down on the Philadelphia Flyers. Empowered by their hairy mascot, Alain Vigneault’s team plays a gritty defence-first type of hockey when they get an early lead like the one Sunday night.

It was a frustrating game, where Montreal managed to hit the iron a handful of times without ever hearing the horn. Patrik Bexell and Anton Rasegård talk about what the loss means for the remainder of the series and why the Habs continue to strike out on the power play time after time.

How should a team that’s based around speed and counter-attacks improve their puck possession in games such as this, where their dump-and-chase type of hockey doesn’t work to their benefit? How should teams efficiently break down the trap-style 1-3-1 defence that Vigneault enjoys to play?

Pat and Ant also discuss a few potential roster changes after the playoffs. With the surge of a few youngsters, some players inability to produce could mean that their days in a Habs jersey are counted. Does Marc Bergevin have something up his sleeve for the autumn?

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