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Habsent Minded: Where should Alexander Romanov reign?

Where should the Canadiens assign their prized Russian defenceman?

Patrik Bexell

Alexander Romanov’s last game was the March 8, a game in which he played 3:51. Currently he is awaiting a decision from the Montreal Canadiens, who in turn are awaiting a decision from the National Hockey League on where he should expect to put his bags down. Is it Montreal? Is it Moscow? Is it somewhere else? How will a nine-month break from competitive hockey affect the Russian defender? Andrew Zadarnowski and Patrik Bexell discuss the different options that Montreal has with Alexander Romanov.

The decorated young Russian defenceman has the following options available to him:

  • Hang out with the Canadiens during Phase 3, and see if the NHL allows him to go to Toronto for Phase 4 of the Return to Play
  • Loan him out to CSKA, as has been done previously with NHL-contracted players Yakimov (2016), Manin (2018), and Kravtsov (2019).
  • Loan him to another European club; but is there any clubs that will take him for only three months, before he returns to North America for the start of the 2020-21 season?

We invite you to listen to our latest Habsent Minded podcast as we discuss the situation.