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Habsent Minded 2.43: Who should the Canadiens draft in the first round?

With the season suspended for the foreseeable future, eyes are turned toward the summer.

OHL: JAN 26 Saginaw Spirit at Ottawa 67’s Photo by Richard A. Whittaker/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Habsent Minded returns with Patrik Bexell and Anton Rasegård once again finding themselves in different parts of Europe; this time to discuss the coronavirus and its effect on the NHL. Should the league copy the SHL’s strategy and shorten the playoffs?

There is a chance that the regular season is over, with the league currently postponed until further notice. Provided there is no unexpected lottery winner, the Montreal Canadiens will have pick number eight in this summer’s draft.

Which players do we think could be available at that spot? With an already substantial prospect pool, which type of players should the Canadiens target? And how certain can you really be with any scouting projections of talent who in all probability are years away from impacting an NHL roster?

Yet again, we find ourselves raving about Mattias Norlinder’s seasonal development and the way he has come back after being sidelined with an injury for more than a month. He could be moving up near the top of the prospect list with his 2019-20 performance.