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Habsent Minded: The 2020 Montreal Canadiens Top 25 Under 25 Experience

Listen to all of the 16 podcasts surrounding the 2020 list of the top players under 25. And a partridge in a pear tree.

Philadelphia Flyers v Montreal Canadiens - Game Six
Nick Suzuki lifting his stick in celebration of becoming the latest winner of Habs EoTP’s T25U25.
Photo by Mark Blinch/NHLI via Getty Images

Congratulations to Nick Suzuki, the youngest ever number-one on Eyes On The Prize’s Top 25 Under 25!

The last six weeks have seen us work our way through the Montreal Canadiens’ young guns one by one, finally ending on a high note with Suzuki beating out Jesperi Kotkaniemi and Cole Caufield for the top spot on this year’s list.

This year, a bonus audio concept was added to, and featured beside, the standard articles. As we wrap up both the list and the foul year that was 2020, we recommend you end it on a high note by listening to our contributors discuss every angle of Montreal’s prospect pool.

To paraphrase Mott The Hoople, all the young dudes from Arvid Henrikson to the aforementioned Suzuki are included and analyzed throughout the series. The only exception is (and will remain) Patrik’s nemesis Sprague Ribinsoin, for reasons too dark to disclose in this article.

Please listen, share, and continue to enjoy both the articles and the podcasts while we prepare for a new year with, hopefully, a new NHL season waiting in the horizon.

If you have any suggestions, feedback or general ideas surrounding the podcast, feel free to use the comment section below.

The Longshots (43-36)

Arvid Henrikson, Kieran Ruscheinski, Hayden Verbeek, Michael Pezzetta, Jakub Dobeš, Jack Gorniak, Frederik Dichow, & Jacob LeGuerrier:

The Projects (35-31)

Joni Ikonen, Alexandre Alain, Arsen Khisamutdinov, Blake Biondi, & Jack Smith:

The Near Misses (30-26)

Rafaël Harvey-Pinard, Gianni Fairbrother, Joël Teasdale, Alexander Gordin, & Rhett Pitlick:

Numbers 25-23

Jacob Olofsson, Luke Tuch & Otto Leskinen:

Numbers 22-21

Michael McNiven & Sean Farrell:

Numbers 20-18

Brett Stapley, Cam Hillis, & Jan Myšák:

Numbers 17-16

Lukas Vejdemo & Jordan Harris:

Numbers 15-13

Jayden Struble, Josh Brook, & Jesse Ylönen:

Numbers 12-11

Noah Juulsen & Cale Fleury:

Numbers 10-8

Jake Evans, Ryan Poehling, & Kaiden Guhle:

Numbers 7-6

Victor Mete & Cayden Primeau:

Number 5

Mattias Norlinder (feat. Kristofer Näslund, Frölunda HC’s defence coach):

Number 4

Alexander Romanov (feat. Russian hockey authority and podruga of the show, Gillian Kemmerer):

Number 3

Cole Caufield (feat. former EOTP contributor and Hockey Tactics guru Jack Han):

Number 2

Jesperi Kotkaniemi (feat. The Athletic Montreal’s Editor-in-chief Arpon Basu):

Number 1

Nick Suzuki & All Things Canadiens (feat. Special Contributor and Eyes On The Prize royalty Marc Dumont):