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Habsent Minded Episode 2.9: Goal Caufield

We look at the World Junior Summer Showcase, Jesse Ylönen’s preseason debut, and Joni Ikonen’s development.

Shanna Martin

Jared Book is joined by Julian McKenzie, Namiko Hitotsubashi, and Patrik Bexell and they start the episode off by discussing Montreal Canadiens’ first-round pick Cole Caufield. The American was the talk of the World Junior Summer Showcase with some insane goals, including this one.

It wasn’t the only nice play he had at the showcase, and this episode was recorded Saturday morning, before he scored an even crazier goal.

Is there a Canadiens prospect who has had this much buzz regarding his offensive talent? We discuss that, and more including his place in the organization’s prospect pool.

We also talk about another promising prospect in Jesse Ylönen’s strong debut in a pre-season marathon tournament in Finland and talk about Joni Ikonen’s appearance on the Top 25 Under 25, and his future in the organization.

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