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Habsent Minded 2.31: “You can’t put all eggs in Romanov’s basket”

Just how much faith can a fan — or a GM — place in Romanov’s ability to help anchor the Canadiens’ back end next year?

Kontinental Hockey League: CSKA Moscow 6 - 1 HC Vityaz Photo by Mikhail Japaridze\TASS via Getty Images

Anton Rasegård and Patrik Bexell discuss the Montreal Canadiens’ defensive errors against the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Florida Panthers, from the defensive reads to leaving players open in the slot to leaving Carey Price alone. This also brings up the conversation about Alexander Romanov’s importance for next year’s team, no matter where he will end up playing, and the need to get that answer as early as possible.

EOTP’s two Europeans also discuss the Montreal prospects’ performances in the ongoing World Junior Championship. Solid placement by the US coaching staff for Jordan Harris has improved his game, while Cole Caufield has stumbled a bit in his performance due to the lack ot TOI and his spot in the lineup.

We go a bit more general on the under-20 tournament as well. With the re-emergence of Germany on the hockey stage, will this lead to an increase of teams in the IIHF’s Top Division in the future, perhaps increasing from 10 to 12 nations?

Finally, there is a short discussion about Mattias Norlinder’s new contract and what that would mean for the Montreal Canadiens and the 2020-21 season.