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Habsent Minded 2.24: Mattias Norlinder’s and Alexander Romanov’s performance at the Four Nations

We delve into the performances of the Canadiens’ two European defencemen at a pre-World Juniors tournament.

Kontinental Hockey League: CSKA Moscow 6 - 1 HC Vityaz Photo by Mikhail Japaridze\TASS via Getty Images

Anton Rasegård joins Patrik Bexell to talk about the Montreal Canadiens’ prospects’ performances at the recent Four Nations tournament in Finland.

They discuss the chances of Mattias Norlinder getting selected for the World Junior Championship in December. The logjam on Sweden’s blue line might create problems for Norlinder, and it will come down to how coach Tomas Montén wants to shape his team. Will he go with Adam Ginning, a big, burly, slow player that can clear out space in front of the net, or the offensive punch that Norlinder can provide?

Alexander Romanov, “a man amongst boys” according to Anton, should be selected for Russia, with the indication being that he’ll carry the “A” he wore on his sweater in this tournament to the WJC.

Jacob Olofsson was the third player originally selected for the Four Nations, however he had to leave due to an illness. He should be sure of his place in the Swedish lineup.

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