Habsent Minded North Division Playoff Preview: Montreal Canadiens

Starting Thursday, Montreal and Toronto will face off in the playoffs for the first time since 1979.

In the next preview of the North Division playoffs, Jared Book, Patrik Bexell and Anton Rasegård take a look at the Montreal Canadiens.

It has been a scattered season, where a sensational start was followed by a seemingly never-ending slump. The head coach, the associate head coach, and the goaltending coach were all shown the door and the injuries piled up the further the season went.

Meanwhile, there have been bright spots in between the many losses; bright spots which have led the Canadiens to their first 16-team playoff stint since 2017.

In this podcast, we take a look at what Montreal can expect from their series against the Toronto Maple Leafs. Which are the Habs’ exclamation points and question marks respectively leading into the matchup? Who could be the Canadiens’ x-factor? And finally, what are our predictions for the series?

Tune in and listen to all previews of the teams in the North Division at your podcast provider of choice. We have a closer look at the Toronto Maple Leafs coming up with a special guest.

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