Canadiens @ Red Wings Top Six Minutes: A Will to Win

The most Gally goal of all Gally goals started it off, and a goal from home-town boy Jeff Petry finished it.

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Here's to hoping it's Tuna Time in Detroit...

First Period

  • Oh hey!! Hudon is in!
  • Rosie :(
  • Weber isn't wearing a full mask??? This seems... unwise.
  • This game is off to a great start...
  • Please go play in the offensive zone longer, boys.
  • Well. At least Niemi is awake.
  • Rosie's gonna score tonight, isn't he.
  • Well, not from the penalty box he isn't.
  • That was underwhelming.
  • tHAnK you, NeMO!!!
  • Please go play in the offensive zone. I hear it's a very nice place to spend time.
  • Can we decline this PP? Asking for some friends. Specifically 20 friends who are surprisingly bad at it./

Second Period

  • Gally goals are the best goals. And that was the Gally-est of all Gally goals.
  • JOEL.
  • Flying fish. Aka flying Tuna.
  • Oh lord. That's not ideal. Where was everyone wearing white. Oh there. Nowhere near where they needed to be.
  • Oh Shea...
  • That was quite a shift from Charles.
  • It would make me feel much better if the Habs would get another goal...
  • ....where was that hook?
  • There will be one second on Kotka's penalty next period.  This feels ridiculous./

Third Period

  • Holy asdfjkljaldk
  • JEFF
  • He made it look so easy too.
  • Oh Max, why. Wait. that was the penalty??
  • UHG. WHY. Niemi had all those other shots but not that one.
  • Ok someone. Time to step up. At the rate we're going of my favourites scoring, Lehkonen should be the next one. But we all know how the hockey gods feel about him.
  • Abdelkader dancing around Benn is not something one wants to hear...
  • Oh Tuna. Tuna, that is not what we were hoping for.
  • There is too much time left. Too much time for Athanasiou to score a hat-trick...
  • Screaming

Highlight of the night

EOTP 3 Stars

3) You got to see a Petry nice goal, anyway (and I'm very jealous)

2) They’re really perfecting that recipe in recent weeks

1) A bonus seventh-round pick would be great

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