Habs - Watch Out For Crosby, He Might Just Sack Your Bag!


Sorry, but I didn't get the memo from Gary Bettman advising me to hush this up....

It has been nine days now since the Sidney Crosby / Boris Valabik incident, and still no call on it from the NHL.


For those who missed the incident, and apparently many have, in a game against the Atlanta Thrashers on December 18, Crosby became involved in a scuffle near the goal crease, before tagging on as the third man in, in a fight involving the Penguins Kris Letang and Atlanta's Valabik.

The Pittsburgh defenseman was taking care of himself quite handily, when Crosby felt compelled for whatever reason, to jump in as a third man, first suckerpunching the Thrashers player behind the head while he was tussling with Letang, and then plowing him some uppercuts to the testies once Letang had him headlocked to the ground.

Crosby got two for roughing.

That's it!


There has been no comment from the NHL, none from Crosby, and the limp league reaction was to issue a memo stating that Crosby was about to set an all time record for all star game votes, like anyone gives a wank.

For his part, Valabik stated that he never felt the roundhouses to his jewels, and only knew about it after being told by team mates.

The NHL continues on it's program of pushing Crosby as the markee player for the league, but in his four seasons, he has only managed to cement a reputation as one of the bigger cissies the game has ever seen.

Imagine, there is a code between the less talented goons of the league, if you will, that decrees that one never swings at a figher who's down.

What does Crosby do?

He's not even involved in the fight, but goes ballistic for the blue vein jugular of a defenseless opponant.

Here's the clip.

There isn't much more I can add to my disgust of this incident, or any more that I could add to my feeling for Crosby as a man - never mind a hockey player - but what is even more shocking is the head in the sand stance taken by the NHL.

The only explanation perhaps, is that Colin Campbell (read Bettman) has no balls.

It is the only possible explanation I can guess for them not stepping up on this.

Even more mind boggling, is the absence of the main stream media being all over this like a fly on a Sean Avery. Nothing on CBC, zilch on TSN, and nado communicado on the NHL Network about this. I only learned about the incident through FHF, Puck Daddy and Deadspin, and what they have to say should be read.

Beyond all this, the Canadiens have an important match with the flightless birds Saturday night. I almost wish the game wasn't being played on Pennsylvania soil, because I think the Habs fans would really give it to Crosby.

It makes me almost wish Aaron Downey was still around to chew Sid the Wimp out!

If you thought the Canadiens have had their tempests so far this season, what is going on in Bitchburgh is all the more inexplicable. Reading between the lines of coach Michel Therrien, the Penguins seem to be behaving like a team divided.

Therrien demands discipline, but judging by his remarks, he's upset at the growing complaining and whining on the club.

Of course, the lead whiner when things aren't going right would be.....

Even Pensburgh blog had an ear twitch, thinking the french accented Therrien said "It's Sidney's team" when in fact he simply stated "We'll see next game".


Next game turned out to be a 1-0 shutout of the Devils, but drama's don't always subside so easily. Here are the two articles from Pensburgh that point to the Penguins indiscipline and dissention.

It has all got me thinking back to when Crotchby went down to injury last season, and Malkin assumed the leadership of the team and corralled it into the Cup final.

My guess is a rift was created. We'll see!

Now if the Canadiens in all this, as a team who have shown the tendency of playing to the level of their opponants so far this season, can focus away from Pittsburgh's woes, and getting their dangles's dingled, might just be able to bag two from Crosby's whiners

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