Canadiens vs. Sharks Top Six Minutes: The penalty kill strikes again

The Canadiens were the better team for most of the game, but only outside of special teams.


  • Hey, did you know the Habs almost never beat the Sharks? I’m sure it won’t be repeated all game right?
  • Brent Burns is definitely hiding at least one nest of birds in his beard, this cannot be changed in my mind.
  • My bold prediction is a Shea Weber 5v5 goal, and a Cale Fleury point(and subsequent emoji from Kinkaid)/

First Period

  • We’re playing the goalie whose name sounds like the place in a Disney movie, now we’re going to have to let it go and just win the game I suppose.
  • Cale Fleury bringing the big shot, and big backside to play early on, Sorenson is lucky that hit missed our they might be scraping him off the boards.
  • The Habs look great, the first goal has to be coming...Andddd the Sharks have scored.
  • Wait, Montreal can win challenges? This has to be a first.
  • Did Victor Mete just steal a pass from Shea Weber? What the hell kind of universe is this game taking place in?
  • You know a team looks slow when Nate Thompson of all players is skating circles around them in the offensive zone.
  • Well, the power play didn’t score, but that’s okay because apparently our fourth line is just going to make up for it!
  • What an effort by Nick Cousins to get his first in a Montreal sweater, and well-deserved for the Habs.
  • Jesperi Kotkaniemi isn’t a kid anymore! sniff They grow up so fast
  • What is the opposite of good? That’s the penalty kill currently. /

Second Period

  • The broadcast is quoting face-off stats and I can feel my eyes slowly rolling all the way into the back of my head.
  • Hey guys, what didn’t we learn the first time?
  • I have no idea what’s going on, and this entire sequence is a disaster.
  • So of course the Sharks get another goal out of it, sure why not.
  • Well, we can’t blame that goal on the penalty kill.
  • Hey cool, a make up call!
  • Aaron Dell had a .884 SV% coming into this game, and now suddenly he’s prime Hasek, and in no way is that utterly annoying.
  • The Sharks don’t have a shot on goal since they scored their third, the ice is tilted so far in one direction I expect Carey Price to come tumbling into the play any moment.
  • That’s just an awful way to end the period.
  • OR NOT! Great tip by Joel Armia to get some energy back/

Third Period

  • Alright Habs, you’ve been the better team most of the night, get the lead back.
  • Well, at least the refs know you can’t throw a puck in the net.
  • So much icing, but this is a carrot cake of a game, sure it looks good in someways, but is just awful in others.
  • I wonder who wins in an Erik Karlsson vs. Phillip Danault fight?
  • If the refs waited any longer to blow a whistle on that play we’d have to hold a ceremony commemorating it.
  • Oh no, another penalty kill, I don’t want to go through this same thing again.
  • They CAN kill penalties! Who knew?
  • Well...Bring on the Leafs on Saturday I suppose./

EOTP 3 Stars

3) Taking one for the team

2) The rare hockey mulligan

1) You’re welcome

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