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Habs vs. Sharks Top Six Minutes: Make it 12 straight losses in San Jose


  • As a bald man, I support Brendan Gallagher’s attempt to change Montreal’s luck.
  • OK, Habs, let’s get a 21st century win in San Jose!/

First Period

  • I dig the new shoulder patches on the Sharks’ jerseys.
  • I’m still not convinced Jonathan Drouin is a centre.
  • Refs didn’t call Shaw for tripping there, hooray!
  • Uh oh, Price has no stick.
  • Oh. Behind again…
  • Wait, no we’re not! Jonathan Drouin is an amazing top line centre!
  • Slashing call – at least these penalties have been consistent all year.
  • The two glowing ads on the boards are slightly lower than all the other ads, it’s mildly infuriating.
  • Nice play by Danault to hit Plek coming out of the penalty box.
  • Mete is very composed out there. His offensive zone pinching is always well-executed and often defensively risk-free.
  • The first period is over and the Canadiens aren’t losing!/

Second Period

  • Bouncy puck to open the second period, and back to losing.
  • Pacioretty played on the PK, and Julien sent Alex Galchenyuk to take the captain’s next shift on the top line. Good for Chucky.
  • Ouch, the Habs are in a world of Hertl. 3-1.
  • A penalty to not Montreal, I’ll allow it.
  • Shea Weber with a PPG. Back to a one-goal deficit.
  • With an assist on the Weber goal, that also makes it a cool, crisp 100 NHL points for Jonathan Drouin.
  • Oh Charles Hudon, no…
  • Oh. Oh no. Couture gets his second of the night. Carey Price with 4 GA already.
  • It’s a challenge!
  • If they overturn the goal, does Hudon have as long and lonely a skate back to the box?
  • Doesn’t matter, we have a good hockey goal.
  • Power play Habs. Based on the last two power plays this period, Montreal should score here.
  • You know, or not.
  • Are these referees getting paid by the penalty tonight? They’ve all been legit calls, but there sure are a lot of man advantages in this period.
  • Finally the second is over. Claude Julien better have a good pep talk in him./

Third Period

  • Power play – so this is going to keep happening the rest of the night.
  • Neither of the Habs’ PP units actually looks threatening out there right now.
  • Vlasic the newest member of the accidental Shea Weber shot victim club.
  • Don’t look now, but the equipment manager found something Michel Therrien left behind: the line blender.
  • It’s beginning to look like the Habs are giving up hope that this game will turn around.
  • MAN MOUNTAIN crushed Donskoi.
  • Morrow wanted to take a penalty there.
  • Can this night get any worse?
  • Yes, yes it can – Drouin is down. California, why must you do this to our Habs?
  • More penalties. Whatever.
  • Make it another loss in San Jose, hockey gods. See you again next year./

Highlight of the night

EOTP 3 Stars

3. The Markov Malediction

2. Lookin’ good

1. At this point, it might be worth considering

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