Habs vs. Sharks Top Six Minutes: Make it 12 straight losses in San Jose

The Montreal Canadiens skated into San Jose to try to turn their luck around on Sharks ice, but left with another L. Tuesday night’s game yielded many penalties, a few goals and many questions.


  • As a bald man, I support Brendan Gallagher’s attempt to change Montreal’s luck.
  • OK, Habs, let’s get a 21st century win in San Jose!/

First Period

  • I dig the new shoulder patches on the Sharks’ jerseys.
  • I’m still not convinced Jonathan Drouin is a centre.
  • Refs didn’t call Shaw for tripping there, hooray!
  • Uh oh, Price has no stick.
  • Oh. Behind again...
  • Wait, no we’re not! Jonathan Drouin is an amazing top line centre!
  • Slashing call - at least these penalties have been consistent all year.
  • The two glowing ads on the boards are slightly lower than all the other ads, it’s mildly infuriating.
  • Nice play by Danault to hit Plek coming out of the penalty box.
  • Mete is very composed out there. His offensive zone pinching is always well-executed and often defensively risk-free.
  • The first period is over and the Canadiens aren’t losing!/

Second Period

  • Bouncy puck to open the second period, and back to losing.
  • Pacioretty played on the PK, and Julien sent Alex Galchenyuk to take the captain’s next shift on the top line. Good for Chucky.
  • Ouch, the Habs are in a world of Hertl. 3-1.
  • A penalty to not Montreal, I’ll allow it.
  • Shea Weber with a PPG. Back to a one-goal deficit.
  • With an assist on the Weber goal, that also makes it a cool, crisp 100 NHL points for Jonathan Drouin.
  • Oh Charles Hudon, no...
  • Oh. Oh no. Couture gets his second of the night. Carey Price with 4 GA already.
  • It’s a challenge!
  • If they overturn the goal, does Hudon have as long and lonely a skate back to the box?
  • Doesn’t matter, we have a good hockey goal.
  • Power play Habs. Based on the last two power plays this period, Montreal should score here.
  • You know, or not.
  • Are these referees getting paid by the penalty tonight? They’ve all been legit calls, but there sure are a lot of man advantages in this period.
  • Finally the second is over. Claude Julien better have a good pep talk in him./

Third Period

  • Power play - so this is going to keep happening the rest of the night.
  • Neither of the Habs’ PP units actually looks threatening out there right now.
  • Vlasic the newest member of the accidental Shea Weber shot victim club.
  • Don’t look now, but the equipment manager found something Michel Therrien left behind: the line blender.
  • It’s beginning to look like the Habs are giving up hope that this game will turn around.
  • MAN MOUNTAIN crushed Donskoi.
  • Morrow wanted to take a penalty there.
  • Can this night get any worse?
  • Yes, yes it can - Drouin is down. California, why must you do this to our Habs?
  • More penalties. Whatever.
  • Make it another loss in San Jose, hockey gods. See you again next year./

Highlight of the night

EOTP 3 Stars

3. The Markov Malediction

2. Lookin’ good

1. At this point, it might be worth considering

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